Professor Christina Boswell (Edinburgh) – Professor of Politics.

Dr Gerry Boucher (UCD) – Lecturer in Sociology.

Professor Ewen Cameron (Edinburgh) – Professor of Scottish History.

Dr Sophie Cooper (Edinburgh) – Postdoctoral Fellow in History.

Professor Catherine Cox (UCD) – Associate Professor in History of Medicine.

Dr Mathew J. Creighton (UCD) – Lecturer in Sociology.

Dr Fiona Cuthill (Edinburgh) – Senior Lecturer in Nursing Studies.

Professor Enda Delaney (Edinburgh) – Professor of Modern History.

Professor Bryan Fanning (UCD) – Professor of Migration and Social Policy.

Dr Graham Finlay (UCD) – Lecturer in Politics and International Relations.

Dr Emma Hill (Edinburgh) – Research Fellow in Sociology.

Dr Alistair Hunter (Edinburgh) – Postdoctoral Fellow in the Alwaleed Centre for the Study of Islam.

Dr Laura Jeffery (Edinburgh) – Researcher in Social Anthropology.

Professor Michael Keating (Edinburgh) – Professor of Constitutional Change.

Dr Steve Kirkwood (Edinburgh) – Senior Lecturer in Social Work.

Dr Harshan Kumarasingham (Edinburgh) – Senior Lecturer in British Politics.

Dr Sarah Kyambi (Edinburgh) – Consultant Researcher  on UK Immigration Law and Policy.

Professor Nasar Meer (Edinburgh) – Professor of Race, Identity, and Citizenship.

Professor Bettina Migge (UCD) – Professor of Linguistics.

Dr Conor Mulvagh (UCD) – Lecturer in Irish History.

Dr Muireann Ní Raghallaigh (UCD) – Lecturer in Social Work.

Professor Philip O’Connell (UCD) – Professor of Applied Social Science.

Professor Tadgh Ó hAnnracháin (UCD) – Professor in History.

Dr Hussein Omar (UCD) – Lecturer in Modern Global History.

Dr Michael Rosie (Edinburgh) – Senior Lecturer in Sociology.

Dr Autumn Roesch-Marsh (Edinburgh) – Senior Lecturer in Social Work.

Dr Rob Sharples (Edinburgh) – Lecturer in Education.

Professor Jo Shaw (Edinburgh) – Professor of European Institutions.

Dr Karen Smith (UCD) – Lecturer in Equality Studies.

Justin Synnott (UCD) – Research Partner in Culture, Economy and Society.

Dr Liam Thornton (UCD) – Lecturer in Law.

Professor Jennifer Todd (UCD) – Professor in Politics and International Relations.

Dr Wendy Ugolini (Edinburgh) – Senior Lecturer in British History.


If you would like to become involved in the Scottish Irish Migration Initiative, please contact Dr Sophie Cooper [S.E.Cooper[@]].

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