Dr Emma Hill

Emma is a Research Fellow working on the JPI ERA Net / Horizon Emma Hill2020 GLIMER (Governance and Local Integration of Migrants and Europe’s Refugees) Project with Prof. Nasar Meer in Sociology.

The GLIMER Project works with partners across four sites (Italy, Cyprus, Sweden and Scotland) to investigate the extent to which local governance of newly arrived refugees impacts experiences and processes of integration.

Past Research:

Doctoral Thesis: Somali Voices in Glasgow City: Who Speaks? Who Listens? An Ethnography

I have a PhD in Cultural Research from Heriot-Watt University.  Funded by the James Watt Scholarship, my PhD research was based on ethnographic work conducted with Somali groups and individuals in Glasgow, and was interested in the extent to which Somali people felt they ‘had voice’ both in Glasgow and in Scotland.  The thesis foregrounded interdisciplinarity, decolonising practices and participatory methods to interrogate the social, structural and communicative conditions in Scotland that preclude experiences of both ‘voice’ and voicelessness for Somali people in Glasgow.  I am currently developing the thesis into a monograph. The thesis was awarded the 2017 MacFarlane Prize by Heriot-Watt for most outstanding contribution to the research of the University.

Other research activities

During my PhD, I was part of the UK research team for the EU-funded RADAR(Regulating Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Racism) Project, led by the University of Perugia.  In 2015, I completed an internship with the Strategy Unit for the Scottish Government.  I am an associate of the Intercultural Research Centre at Heriot-Watt University, and am also an alumna of the Transformations Doctoral Network, a European network of anthropologists and ethnographers based at Ludwig MaximillianUniversitaet.

Selected Publications:

Journal articles

  • Hill, E., M. Nic Craith and C. Clopot (2018), ‘At the limits of Cultural Heritage Rights? The Glasgow Bajuni Campaign and the UK Immigration System: A Case Study’, International Journal of Cultural Property.  Forthcoming
  • Hill, E. and Nic Craith, M. (2017) ‘Medium and narrative change: the effects of multiple media on the ‘Glasgow Girls’ story and their real-life campaign’, Narrative Culture. 31:1, 87-V.
  • Nic Craith, M. and Hill, E. (2015), ‘Relocating the Ethnographic Field: From Being There to Being There’, Anthropological Journal of European Cultures, 24:1, 42-62.

Book chapters

  • Strani, A., G. Klein and E. Hill (2017) ‘Diversity in a European context: the challenge of creating a common critical vocabulary, Europe in Discourse: Identity, Diversity, Borders.  Eds. J. House and T. Kaniklidou.  Hellenic American University: Athens.
  • Hill, E. (2016) Welcoming Nations? Hospitality as a Proxy for National Identity: A Consideration of British and Scottish Contexts, Public and Political Discourses of Migration: International Perspectives, eds. A. Haynes, M.J. Power, A. Dillane and J. Carr. Rowman and Littlefield: Plymouth.
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